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Translational Research
QualTek uses IHC as a platform to better understand the expression and potential role of target biomarkers in various disease and experimental tissues. IHC provides an understanding of how, where, and to what extent a target is expressed within and among normal and disease tissues. IHC provides a great deal of information that allows scientists and clinicians to make cutting-edge decisions about the direction of clinical development and which patient populations to treat.

QualTek will develop and test your research target by offering extensive assay development, validation, screening, and scoring scheme development. 

This includes:
  • Reproducibility & precision testing
  • Large scale sensitivity testing to determine penetrance of expression in various disease tissue types from   QualTek’s extensive Tissue Bank and experimental tissues
  • Specificity analysis in cell lines, xenografts, animal tissues, & normal human tissues
  • Scoring scheme development
  • Expression rate analysis for cut-off determination 
  • Evaluation of Pharmacodynamic & Predictive Markers