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Tissue Bank & Histology
  • Tissue accessioning & sample log updating
  • Tissue processing & embedding
  • Paraffin sectioning of tissues
  • Specimen decalcification
  • Hematoxylin & Eosin (H&E) staining & interpretation
  • Special Stains including:

AFB (Ziehl-Neelsen method) for acid fast bacilli, Alcian Blue for sulfated mucosubstances, Brown-Brenn Gram Stain for gram + and gram – bacteria, Congo Red for amyloid, Giemsa for H. pylori and Bone Marrow, GMS (Grocott's Methanamine Silver) for fungus, Gomori's Modified Iron Stain, Masson's Trichrome for muscle and collagen, Modified Snook's for reticular fibers, Mucicarmine for mucin, Muller-Mowery Colloidal Iron for acid mucosubstances, PAS (Periodic Acid Schiff's) for glycogen and fungus, Verhoeff's-Van Gieson for elastic fibers and many more...

  • Surgical & autopsy cases
  • Broad array of diseases
  • Normal tissues
  • Multi-tissue blocks

Tissue Bank Features
QualTek's Histology Services
QualTek maintains an extensive Tissue Bank that can be used for various research and clinical applications. Our bank includes tens of thousands of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) human tissues covering a vast range of normal, cancer, inflammatory, and other disease tissues. Most samples have associated pathology reports.