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Our Vision
Until recently, only a small percentage of oncology patients actually responded to approved therapeutics. QualTek was started in 1997 with a vision to increase that number and help patients receive effective, more customized treatments. QualTek’s founding purpose was to enhance patient response by partnering with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to develop diagnostic or 'prognostic' immunohistochemistry (IHC) screening tests for patients in clinical studies. These IHC assays define target protein expression in patients to identify those whose profile makes them more likely to respond to treatment.

When QualTek was founded, the majority of the industry was not yet receptive to this tailored approach of treating only a subset of patients in clinical studies. The hesitancy was due in part to a lack of industry infrastructure and to limited understanding of which proteins to target for drug and diagnostic assay development. The field of drug discovery has evolved around our vision and ‘prognostic markers’ are now commonly referred to as biomarkers. The associated assays that help assess patient response to a therapy are now called Companion Diagnostics.

Throughout our history, QualTek has steadfastly maintained our focus on using IHC assays to understand biomarker expression and to evaluate patient samples. We are proud to have actively participated in patient sample testing for hundreds of clinical studies on behalf of our biotechnology and pharmaceutical partners. Our commitment to using IHC in clinical studies has recently culminated in a successful lung carcinoma clinical study in the exciting field of immunotherapy where we developed a competitive prototype companion diagnostic IHC assay for detection of PD-L1.

QualTek sees an extremely bright future for using IHC in conjunction with other applications to match each patient in each new clinical study with the most appropriate therapy available to allow for the best possible response. As the critical fields of drug discovery, biomarkers and Companion Diagnostics grow, we are committed and passionate about working with our sponsors to continue to fulfill this vision one study and one patient at a time.  

QualTek's vision is to connect each patient to the most effective therapy
Personalized Medicine using Immunohistochemistry Assays