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Assay Development
QualTek's vast experience with thousands of antibodies allows us to quickly develop high-quality IHC assays that may be used in research and clinical studies in any and all disease types. We develop assays with a fit-for-purpose approach. These assays may be developed using a combination of cell lines, submitted experimental or clinical tissues, and samples from QualTek’s extensive Tissue Bank.

Preliminary Research

    •   Determination of the best commercially-available primary antibodies for targets of interest
    •   Selection of appropriate control and test tissues from our Tissue Bank

Optimization of IHC Assay

    •   Testing & selection of optimal pre-treatment conditions
    •   Titration of primary antibody concentration
    •   Testing & selection of optimal detection system

QualTek ensures that the target IHC assay is ready for your clinical study by offering extensive assay validation, tissue screening, and scoring scheme development. 

This includes:

    •   Reproducibility & precision testing
    •   Large scale sensitivity testing in any tissue type
    •   Specificity analysis in cell lines, xenografts, animal tissues, & normal human tissues
    •   Scoring scheme development
    •   Expression rate analysis for cut-off determination