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IHC is an excellent platform for detecting biological indicators in normal, disease, and experimental tissues. IHC allows for protein visualization with cell specific-resolution and conserved tissue morphology. Let us develop your novel biomarker assay.
Applied Immunohistochemistry
QualTek works on key immunotherapy clinical and research studies using IHC to detect such targets as PD-L1, PD-1, FOXP3, and CD8.
Validation increases understanding of target protein expression. Better understand your biomarker by partnering with QualTek to validate target expression in a range of disease tissues.  
IHC is a valuable tool for understanding biomarker expression in the context of the tissue pathology. QualTek's Tissue Bank contains a broad range of normal and disease tissues to evaluate heterogeneity.
QualTek tests biomarkers in inflammatory disease tissues such as IBD, psoriasis, and rheumatoid arthritis. We also evaluate animal models and provide veterinary pathology support.
QualTek performs PD biomarker testing in pre- and post-treatment clinical and experimental samples. Testing includes assays for Ki67, TUNEL, Cleaved Caspase 3, and other biomarkers.
QualTek is experienced in evaluating blood vessel staining in human and animal tissues. Testing includes human tissues from clinical studies and xenograft samples.